“No Matter Whats”

Does your marriage need a bit of relational oxygen? Would your relationship benefit from a few moments of freedom from the constraints of routine?

Maximize Your Vacation with Six Hard-Learned Lessons

The summer solstice just past and I’m longing for the beach on these longer days! Mary Beth and I have a few weeks before that longing is satisfied. So, I ponder, “How can I maximize my vacation time?” To answer my own question, I remembered what made past vacations...

Are You Building Bunkers or Bridges?

Think about this: What happens when a nation fears an attack on its borders? It fortifies its perimeter. A person will do the same. If my wife feels attacked by my criticism and comes to expect it, then she will fortify her borders, building defensive bunkers around her heart that are hard to penetrate.

What is marriage coaching?

What is marriage coaching?

“What exactly is marriage coaching and is it for me?” Both are important questions. find expression When people find out I’m a marriage coach, these questions frequently follow. I highly suspect they pop up in the minds of others most people who have never had a...

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