Hi, I’m Bill Hutcheson, the Selfless Love Coach.

I’m so pleased you stopped here. You probably want to know who I am, why I coach, and why I deserve the trust of couples.

Well . . . I’m a:

  • Retired pastor, after serving 38 years in congregational ministry.
  • Graduate of two institutions with three degrees in theology/ministry: BA, Master of Divinity & Doctor of Ministry
  • Husband of my seminary sweetheart for 44 years
  • Father of two daughters, who have blessed us with two faithful husbands and a total of three grandchildren
  • Finally, over 38 years, I developed a process of marriage preparation because I wanted to offer couples more than 30 to 60 minutes of ceremony preparation I received!

This process involved six to eight hours of facetime to cover—among other things . . .

  • God’s intention for marriage,
  • The benefits of different personalities,
  • How to make your partner feel deeply loved, and
  • The strengths and growing edges of the relationship used to grow a relationship.

My bride and I tried and use all the tools. We know they work! After retirement, God nudged me into marriage coaching. And I love it!

I have written two books to support my coaching:

  1. The first, Marriage Maximized: The Guide to a Purposeful and Passionate Relationship, touches on all the points I share with couples, both married and engaged.
  2. The second, Growing Together in Christ: The Maximized Couple’s Guide to a Stronger Devotional Life, provides a couple the understanding and tools to develop their relationship together in Christ.

If this sounds appealing to you, then I invite you to schedule a brief, no-obligation, and no-pressure Discovery Call with me. Just click the button below and let’s discover if God is calling us to walk together toward a more purposeful, passionate, and satisfying marriage.

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