Marriage Maximized


Marriage Maximized represents over 30 years of developing a process for helping couples prepare for marriage and for helping couples improve their relationship.

The decision to develop the process grew from my desires to improve my own relationship and to help couples I pastored. I wrote Marriage Maximized after retiring from the pastorate to support my marriage coaching. I tested every suggestion and tool describe within the book on my own marriage.



My book is now available!

“Will I ever again know happiness in this marriage?”

Is something missing in your relationship? Do you look longingly at the early days of your marriage, wishing you still had that spark? You wish you could snap your fingers and magically return to the happiness of your honeymoon days. You’ve hoped for, begged for, even prayed to God for a return to a brighter, more passionate relationship, but you just don’t know the “incantation” necessary for such a feat.

After 38 years of helping nearly-weds and established couples, Bill Hutcheson shares with you how to have the happy relationship God intended for your marriage.

In Is Marriage Happiness Possible? you’ll learn:

  • A transforming, new-to-most definition of love that promises to renew your marriage
  • How differing personalities may strengthen your marriage
  • Why “less” love is MORE in a great marriage
  • How to ensure romance in your marriage (with a “guarantee”!)

And much more . . .

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