Recently, I recommended a weekly calendar review. I suggested that a few minutes of sharing the week can foster understanding between busy spouses and even improve communication throughout the week.

The calendar-comparing couple may also reap a spiritual benefit. A spiritual opportunity opens once you know what your beloved faces in the coming week. Ask a straightforward question: How can I pray for you this week?

If you’re not used to asking that question, be prepared for her to faint! Once you catch her, you will see a new level of appreciation in her confused eyes.

Asking this simple question expresses a selfless concern for what most concerns her. Then, when she responds with one or two things in her week presenting the most anxiety, you grab her hand and offer a quick, sincere prayer for God’s presence to prepare and calm her.

Then, follow up that week. Pray with your bride the following morning before you two strike out for the day. Text her a short, encouraging word and prayer before one of those significant moments in her schedule. Debrief with her after dinner about the event. Then, you two thank the Lord for His help through the event.

TUESDAY TAKEAWAY: Praying together with your mate sets you on the way to building a much stronger relationship—one based on the three of you, not just the two of you!

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