Research on thousands of couples shows that passion parallels a high positivity ratio in marriage. Successful couples generally have 20 seconds of positive interaction for every 1 negative second.

A 20:1 positivity-to-negativity ratio describes a couple who feels satisfied in their marriage. So, where do you guess your positivity ratio stands?

Good news, no matter what a review reveals, you and your beloved can begin turning that ship around right now! With a bit of well-placed gratitude, a dose of humble service, and a pinch of thoughtfulness, your relationship may begin to sweeten this week.

Why not offer to do the dishes, fill up the gas tank, or take out the trash? Follow that up with an honest compliment about her dress or his hard work in the yard. Maybe, try yielding the remote to her or watching that ball game with him.

Have you celebrated each other lately? A birthday? Completing an important project? A positive review at work?

The opportunities abound for sprinkling positivity on your marriage, like powdered sugar on a cookie. And the results are just as sweet!

The discipline of positivity beats one of the surest paths leading to renewed passion. And it’s usually free!!

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