You’ve heard of microeconomics, micromanagement, microteaching, microbrewery, and even micro fishing (fishing in small creeks). So allow me to coin one more micro-word: microgratitude. 

Microgratitude describes expressing thanks for the most minor acts, attitudes, or attributes of your spouse (or other loved one). Microgratitude forces you to identify those tiny aspects of your beloved you usually miss and take for granted. It requires careful attention to your spouse’s life, moving the grateful mate to a discipline of appreciation. Acknowledging appreciation for those often-unseen qualities shows one’s beloved a mindful, sensitive regard.


  • Last evening, my bride brought me a napkin without my asking. She saw me without one and simply fetched it.
  • Every morning, my wife inquires how I slept. She expresses the question so regularly that I easily take her concern for granted.
  • Just today, she brought a Greg Norman beach shirt home from a discount store. She is already trying to make our summer trip special.
  • I passed a kidney stone recently, and she has scoured Pinterest for home remedies! Whether I ever use one of them, at least she’s still thinking about that four weeks hence.
  • I get up earlier than Mary Beth on most mornings, and she doesn’t wait for me to help her make up the bed.

Do you see that each of these acts represents a small effort that I can easily overlook (—and have)? Now, imagine how much more appreciated she feels when I express my thanks for her little deeds. How would frequently declared words of appreciation for your tiny acts affect you?


Don’t underestimate the value of gratitude in marriage, even microgratitude. Laying many small bricks, like voicing gratitude for small acts, builds an enduring structure!

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