Researchers suggest that a novel experience together makes for a lasting memory. For our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we took a cruise. That ranks at the top of our memories together.

Here’s an idea: why not add a bit of novelty to one of your favorite activities. Take a favorite and regular activity and spruce it up with something different.

For example, my bride likes to dress up. She lights up when I’m in a coat-and-tie. So even though I no longer enjoy neckties, I could tell her to get all gussied up one Friday or Saturday night for pizza in the spirit of selflessness. Imagine how different to walk into Pizza Hut with us dressed to the nines!

Speaking of dressing up, I even thought about having dinner delivered home one night for us to enjoy, she in her party gown and me in my tux! I imagine flowers on the table, linen tablecloth, using our dusty china and crystal, music playing, candles. Then, after dinner, we could slow dance in the living room. Would the extra effort be worth it next week when you remember it together? When you share with friends?

I also thought about talking to a friend of mine who manages an Enterprise Rent-a-Car to get a unique rental for one night—a luxury car above our station. Yes, it would need to be an extraordinary event, but would that add just a little extra spice to the event?

How creative could you be? What could you add to your favorite activities to jazz them up? How could you up-level a regular date?

The benefits may far outlast the effort.

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