What is Marriage Coaching?

Hi, here’s what Selfless Love Coaching is all about . . .

I help couples break the insanity cycle—you know, “Doing the same thing over and over but expecting different results!”

You’re here because you’re looking for different results. You want to recapture that feeling of happiness in your marriage. You seek a spark to rekindle your marriage happiness. You’ve admitted to yourself that the “thrill is gone” but it’s not forgotten, and you’re searching for something to bring it back!

You know you need something different but you’re not sure what. You’ve Googled it, searched bookshelves for it, and talked to a few friends about it. The thrill has not returned.

I can help with that. If you’re interested, read on about coaching.

So, I help couples—it’s that simple . . .

Yes, the coaching itself is simple and practical.

You don’t want or need more complications in your life. You want something rather straightforward. You want something that offers results.

That’s what I offer you!

The first thing you need is a new marriage lens . . .

The new marriage lens offers a different perspective that breaks the insanity cycle.

That’s my overarching goal for all my couples: make sure they see marriage from God’s perspective as presented in the Bible.

I offer an ancient perspective on marriage that seems brand new to most couples.

Having a biblical marriage perspective compares to setting a house on a solid foundation.

You want a solid foundation for marriage because there’s plenty of events and circumstances to shake your world, aren’t there!

Having this new, biblical lens through which to see your marriage gives you the first taste of hope that your marriage will improve.

Next, you’ll begin to reinvest in your marriage . . .

Yes, you will work on your marriage—very intentionally and regularly and frequently.

But isn’t this relationship worth it?

You wouldn’t be here today if you didn’t love your spouse and want a better relationship, right?

The biblical perspective offers some really good news too: when you ask God to help you strengthen your marriage as He intended, then God answers that prayer. You will not work by yourselves. God will help you!

So, I offer you effective concepts and exercises . . .

You will invest time and effort—probably more than you’re giving now.

You and your spouse will wear a tool belt filled with ideas and exercises so you can build a strong or stronger relationship together with your Creator and make those inevitable, necessary relational repairs.

As with any new tool, you will need some practice to feel comfortable using it but you will soon see positive changes with practice, making the next practice worth the early awkwardness.

As your marriage coach, that’s how I help. With marriage coaching I offer:

  • Support for change
  • Accountability as you practice
  • Motivation when change is tough, when resistance arises (and it will), and as you near your goals
  • Acceleration—you will reach your results faster with coaching than by yourselves.

How does that sound?

“Well, that sounds good but will it work for me?”

Good question. After all, you’ve tried other suggestions that didn’t help. Why believe these will?

One, because I’ve seen these concepts and exercises work in my marriage and others’ marriages! Just read the testimonials on the website from couples I coached—some years ago and some months ago.

Two, because these are not Johnny-come-lately concepts. The perspective is ancient and the concepts and exercises offered have been inspired by God and developed/refined by marriage experts over decades!

Three, because we imperfect humans want and need relationships and what you receive from me takes seriously your humanity—weaknesses, and strengths. I offer ways to succeed as a not-so-perfect couple. Aren’t you glad God works with us flawed folks?

Here’s what I offer . . .

Premarital Coaching. Seven sessions equip you with understanding and tools to build a strong, lasting marriage.

Marriage Coaching. Seven to nine sessions offer correctives and improvements to up-level your marriage.

Marriage Maximized Workshops. Invest about six hours on a Saturday to boost your communication, refresh your understanding of each other, and grow in appreciation of your similarities and differences! This can be adapted to a Sunday School class or small group if you’re interested.

Marriage Maximized Retreats. The retreat offers you an option if you’re looking for a great get-away weekend to restoke the marriage flame! Enjoy a relaxed, inspiring, and informative weekend. Deepen your relationship and get to know a few other couples doing the same.

Speaking. I enjoy sharing the good news of selfless love marriage with congregations, or any group interested in improving relationships. Perhaps, you’re looking for a speaker at your church or for your next couples’ event?

Interested? Here’s what to do next . . .

Let’s talk to see if God would put us together to walk His path for a while. Click this button and share your contact information. I’ll connect with you very soon.

I look forward to hearing from you soon . . .

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