Regular self-examination keeps a person from drifting. What do I mean? I realize that if I don’t daily remind myself to live by my own philosophy, I will drift from those moral and ethical moorings.

My Spiritual Mooring

My life philosophy finds its mooring in the concept of selfless love. By faith, I lash my boat to the piling of Jesus’ selfless and sacrificial love that allows God to accomplish His will through me in another’s life.

Yet, the flow of our culture relentlessly pulls at my life and loosens my “knot.” If I don’t attend to my mooring daily, I’ll eventually find my lines loose and my life drifting with the current.

Drifting characterizes a spiritually dangerous condition. If I am controlled by culture’s currents, I’m not directed by God’s abiding Spirit.

My Daily Moorings Check

I find early morning Bible study and prayer most beneficial to keep the faith-knot tightly tied to Jesus’ selfless love and service. So, regular attention means the knot rarely loosens too far before being tightened. Not often do I miss several days of morning devotional time. But, when it happens, I find that my boat has already unconsciously slipped farther into the current’s control than I realized!

I’ve learned that daily discipline keeps me tightly moored to Christ. Even though the daily devotions only occasionally yield extraordinary results, the daily attention keeps the knot from loosening.

A part of me wishes to rest on my 58 years of relationship with God in Christ, 11 years of formal education, and decades of Bible study. But, unfortunately, that part of me forgets the hard-learned lesson: I need daily focus on Christ and dependence on God’s Spirit to be useful to the Father!

Have you checked your moorings today? Be careful of our culture’s constant current, pulling at the knot of faith that tethers you to Christ’s life.

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