One kind act often echoes through the day! Have you noticed? Someone extends an unexpected kind word or deed, and its sweet aroma wafts back through your memory throughout the day.

Sunday morning, March 27, 2020, I unloaded our exhibitor booth contents on the Georgia World Congress Center loading dock. The door to Hall A2 was not noticeable. As I pondered where to go, a young man with custodial duties walked by with his cart. I asked him where I entered the Hall for the Bridal and Wedding EXPO.

He paused, smiled, and said, “Follow me.” Then, leaving his cart and duties, he guided me to the access door. I thanked him profusely because I hadn’t expected his smile or second-mile service.
I told Mary Beth of his kindness and pointed him out as he came through that afternoon with a small broom and dustpan. At least three times on Sunday, I remembered his heartening service.

Amazing Returns on Kindness Investments!

Think about the ROI (return on investment) for that one 30-second kindness. I probably spent 3 minutes remembering the young fellow’s extraordinary service. That’s five times more seconds spent reflecting than the actual event!

So, we may accrue a several hundred percent return on our kindness investments. We may flash that smile, compliment a stranger, lend a hand to an elderly person, help change that tire, or don’t just tell but show someone the need directions. Imagine your 30-second effort being replayed in the mind and warming the recipient’s heart five more times throughout that day.

Couples Spreading Kindness . . .

What if you as a couple decide to bless another person or couple in this generous fashion? First, you can share the afterglow of the kind, helpful service. Then, the receiver carries away the sweet fragrance of your generosity to enjoy for the balance of the day.

Now, imagine the perfumed improvement in our corner of the world if we all chose to act kindly in concert each day next week. Why we may just begin a small kindness revolution!

Now, that’s a sweet idea!

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