The components of our pre-marital counseling that were most impactful for us and we revisit them on a daily basis are

  • the discussion about love languages: Knowing what our love languages are and how to best apply them in different circumstances has been absolutely critical to our navigation of the trials we have overcome in the last 3.5 years. It has provided a foundation for how to love each other even when we’re stressed or frustrated and has helped us learn how to handle conflicts between us and with others outside of our marriage.
  • the scripture from Ephesians 5 about both spouses submitting one to another and both under Christ: The Ephesians scripture has been a constant reminder of our roles within our marriage and our responsibilities before Christ. It reminds us that we are free from certain worldly expectations because our first priority is to Christ and then to our spouse.
  • keeping Christ first and your spouse second above all else: There have also been times when outside relationships and challenges have arisen and by leaning on the commitment that we agreed upon to keep Christ first and our spouse second, we have been able to encourage each other through times of stress.

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